Recent Insect Prevention Articles

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What You Need to Know about Indoor Air Quality

Posted by Laura Firszt | Jun 25, 2014

Ever been plagued by a mysteriously persistent cough, sniffles or itchy eyes? You might have dismissed your symptoms as a passing cold or mild flu. But chances are you were actually...


Furnishings for Frequent Movers

Posted by Laura Firszt | May 28, 2014

Some folks live in the same place all their lives, while others change residence every few months. If you fall into the latter category, you may move due to employment, education, finances...

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Hosting a Successful Outdoor Celebration at Home

Posted by Laura Firszt | May 05, 2014

Graduation, weddings, the Fourth of July … summer is jam-packed with exciting events! Why not take advantage of the warm weather and host a celebration in your own garden? Make...

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Mosquito Bites: Natural Prevention and Treatment

Posted by Laura Firszt | Apr 30, 2014

Itchy, annoying mosquito bites can put a serious dent in your summer fun. What’s more, mosquitoes carry the threat of serious disease such as West...

How to Find and Eliminate Bed Bugs

Posted by Sirena Rubinoff | Aug 05, 2010

If you’ve ever woken up with a line of small red bites on your skin, you’ve probably been the victim of bedbugs. These tiny, annoying critters are like little vampires...

Prevent Summer Pantry Pests

Posted by Linda Merrill | Jun 01, 2010

As we enter the season of warmth and fun in the sun, we are also welcoming a whole host of insects and pests that can take over our cupboards and pantries. Mostly, these pests - usually...

Integrated Pest Management for Homeowners

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | May 27, 2010

For homeowners looking for an alternative to pesticides, integrated pest management is an option. While spraying an ant infestation with insecticide may be convenient, it might not...

Common Types of Flies in North America

Posted by Anne Burkley | Mar 02, 2010

One of the biggest pests to humans is also one of the smallest: flies. They dart around the air, knock and buzz at windows and lights, walk all over our food and persistently land...