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Pop-up Passive House!

Posted by Katie Marks | Mar 31, 2014

As the passive house trend spreads globally, with people building homes inspired by the standard as well as those that meet its exacting qualifications, architecture firms are getting...

Photo: Christine/Hometalk

Sassy and Eco-Friendly Window Treatments

Posted by Katie Marks | Mar 25, 2014

The first thing I tend to do when I move into a new home is hang up some window treatments. I like my privacy, thank you very much, and I also like to filter and control light levels...

Making A/C Smarter

Posted by Katie Marks | Mar 20, 2014

Air conditioning eats up a lot of energy in the summer months, whether you're talking a whole-building system or a simple wall-mounted unit. Many people leave it running constantly,...

Photo: normanack/Flickr

Heat Up the House With Compost

Posted by Katie Marks | Feb 10, 2014

When compost breaks down, it provides a lot of heat as a byproduct -- so much heat that you can actually cook with it -- and many people have long wondered why that heat should go to...

A side benefit of radiators... Photo: Liz West/Flickr

Install Thermostats on Radiators for Efficiency

Posted by Katie Marks | Feb 05, 2014

Does your Chicago heating system rely heavily on old steam radiators? You're not the only one -- across the US, this type of heating is common, with some systems boasting radiators...

Photo: independentman/Flickr

Smart Curtains Close Themselves

Posted by Katie Marks | Jan 20, 2014

Have you ever found yourself lying on the couch when the sun changes angle, and suddenly it becomes unbearably hot when before you were just nice and cozy? Imagine being your house,...

Photo: Inhabitat

A Carbon Neutral Home, Even In Bad Conditions

Posted by Katie Marks | Dec 31, 2013

In many writeups of eco-friendly homes, particularly those built with carbon-neutral plans in mind, you'll read about how the setting was carefully chosen. Setting tends to matter when...

Photo: Bryn Pinzgauer/Flickr

Just Say No to Drafts in the Home

Posted by Katie Marks | Dec 26, 2013

Do the candles on your table gutter in a steady breeze, even though none of the windows are open? Can you see tumbleweeds drifting across the hall? Are your drapes swinging ethereally?...