Recent Concrete Countertops Articles

Sealing and Waxing Concrete Countertops

Posted by Steve Graham | Sep 28, 2010

The first rule of concrete countertop sealants seems to be: don’t talk about concrete countertop sealants. Manufacturers are cagey about their proprietary formulas and seemingly nervous...

Video: Concrete Countertop

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | Nov 11, 2009

This short video features concrete design guru Fu Tung Cheng, whose custom concrete countertops I drool over. In this video, Cheng discusses one detail of how to construct concrete...

A Concrete Plan for Your Kitchen: Concrete Counter Tops

Posted by Marcy Tate | Sep 01, 2009

When it comes to countertops, it was formica that stole the show for your grandmother; for your mother, it was granite; and for you, it's all about the concrete! If you haven't heard...