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Are Built-Ins Worth It?

Posted by Katie Marks | Feb 04, 2014

Built-ins are an incredibly popular aspect of interior design in homes from all eras, from homey Craftsmen with charming woodwork to soaring modern homes with sleek, minimalist shelving...

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6 Wood Pallet Scavenging Tips for Your Next Project

Posted by Katie Marks | Nov 18, 2013

As every great DIYer knows, wood pallets are an immensely useful construction material. You can use them in a wide range of projects, in a huge assortment of ways, and they're totally...

Gabor Lukacs with his DIY bamboo bike trailer. Photo by Cris Carl.

Building Your Own Bamboo Bike Trailer

Posted by Cris Carl | Aug 07, 2012

Gabor Lukacs of Amherst, MA believes we can go beyond sustainability to a place of “resilience.” Part of Lukacs response to the effects of global problems relating to the...

The decorative rammed earth wall that the author discusses.

Rammed Earth: It's Not Cosmetic

Posted by Carl Seville | Jun 21, 2012

Rammed earth, an ancient construction technique, uses soil, sand, and sometimes a little Portland cement, compressed into forms to create thick, solid, and often beautiful structural...

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Designer Picks: Hemp Home Furnishings

Posted by Linda Merrill | May 09, 2012

Hemp is a strong fiberous plant that is grown predominantly in China, but also in many other parts of the world. Environmentally friendly, hemp requires few pesticides or herbicides...

Why Bamboo Floors Won't Make Your House Green

Posted by Carl Seville | Jan 17, 2012

Along with solar panels, so called “green” bamboo floors are another stereotypical material that people latch onto when thinking about green homes. In the same way that those solar...


The Pros and Cons of Installing Saltillo Tile

Posted by Steve Graham | Aug 30, 2011

Saltillo tile is very popular for flooring in Mexico and the southwestern United States. While it can be used in other areas, it also has its limitations. Here is a short guide to the...


10 Materials That Could Replace Wood One Day

Posted by Steve Graham | Jun 13, 2011

Whether framing a new addition, building a deck or making a piece of furniture, wood is often the go-to material. Lumber, plywood and other products made with sustainably harvested...