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What Homeowners Must Know About Remodeling And The Law

Posted by Laura Firszt | Jun 06, 2017

Planning to remodel your home? Great idea and good luck to you! Think you can do whatever you want to your house? Not so fast, my friend. Home remodeling is governed by your local laws....


How Can I Afford Home Improvement And Repair?

Posted by Laura Firszt | Mar 22, 2017

Is there a contractor in your future? After a long hard winter, you might very well need a few fenceposts replaced -- or a whole new roof. Or perhaps you'd like to celebrate spring...


What Is The Best Front Fencing For Your Home?

Posted by Laura Firszt | Mar 09, 2017

Thinking of adding a front fence to your home? Or maybe you need replacement of your old fence after winter storms battered the life out of it. Whatever the case, now is the time to...

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Add Charm to Your Fence with Climbing Plants

Posted by Laura Firszt | Aug 09, 2016

Flower lovers of the world, unite! If you believe that there is no such thing as too many blossoms, chances are you already have a garden (and perhaps a pergola, balcony, or deck) that...

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Fencing That's More Than Just Functional

Posted by Laura Firszt | Mar 03, 2016

Security, privacy, animal-proofing ... there are all kinds of excellent reasons to install a fence on your property. But one quality of fencing that's not so commonly mentioned is its...