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Photo: John Tann/Flickr

Banish Fruit Flies, Naturally!

Posted by Katie Marks | Mar 20, 2014

Ugh, fruit flies. No one wants to see a little cloud of insects hovering around the kitchen, darting in and out of the garbage, or making merry in the compost. Yet, even in a clean...

A bear hunts for food in a yard. Photo by mazwebs/

Tips for Living Near Bears

Posted by s.e. smith | Jun 11, 2013

Bears are getting more and more comfortable these days when it comes to waltzing on into your neighborhood and taking whatever they want. News of bear attacks is up, and densely-populated...


Gardening: Can urine granules keep deer and other pests away?

Posted by Steve Graham | May 06, 2011

It's a simple theory: Spread predator animals' scents to scare away prey animals. In reality, predator urine is only sometimes effective in keeping deer, rabbits and other pests out...

Use a Mattress Encasement for Bed Bug Prevention

Posted by Sirena Rubinoff | Aug 05, 2010

Bed bugs are a non-discriminating pest. They live in residences of all kinds – large and small, expensive and cheap – and can cause real problems if not dealt with in a proactive...

Easy Mosquito Control

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | May 27, 2010

Mosquito breeding season is in full swing. Here is some solid advice for preventing and repelling these itch-inducing pests on your property. Household Mosquito Repellents Dr. Jody...