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Must-Have Accessories for Deck, Patio or Porch

Posted by Laura Firszt | Jun 08, 2016

The mere phrase “deck, patio, or porch” should be enough to warm the heart if you’ve been cooped up in the house all winter long. What more could you ask for than...

Photo: Jan Carson/Flickr

These Solar Panels Love Cloudy Days

Posted by Katie Marks | Mar 24, 2014

Everyone knows solar panels don't work on cloudy days, right? If there's no sun, how is a solar panel supposed to generate energy? That's why they're a great choice for warm, sunny...

Photo: Crass/Morguefile

Green Your Gadgets for the Holidays

Posted by Katie Marks | Nov 26, 2013

You're wrapped up snugly under your freshly redone Chicago roof, the fire is cracking, and your family members are opening their gifts with delight -- or maybe you're distributing presents...

Photo: David Chau/Flickr

Music to Our Ears: Pop Increases Solar Panel Efficiency

Posted by Katie Marks | Nov 11, 2013

Ever been struggling on deadline and felt your energy levels, and your efficiency, lagging? Drink all the tea and coffee you like, and you still find yourself moving sluggishly, trying...


STARPATH Provides Efficient Ambient Lighting at Night

Posted by Katie Marks | Oct 25, 2013

On especially clear, moonless nights I can look up and see the Milky Way scattered across the sky, looking like diamonds someone has carelessly spilled across the heavens -- or like...

New Solar Technology Makes Outdoor Lighting a Cinch

Posted by Matt Cohen | Apr 30, 2013

There are several different types of residential solar lights available today which are replacing old electrical and gas lamps. These solar lamps lights can help with everything...

The solar generator in use in Zion National Park. Photo by Kevin Stevens for Networx.

My Amazing DIY Solar Generator

Posted by Kevin Stevens | Oct 12, 2012

I remember the inspiration for building my solar generator clearly. It was close to 20 years ago and we were camping at the dunes in Oregon. Our campground neighbor, in a huge RV, ran...


3 Affordable Solar Options

Posted by Steve Graham | May 09, 2011

When many homeowners think of solar power, they envision total energy independence — getting enough solar panels to unplug from the electric grid and power everything in the home....