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4 Potential Problems with Old Homes - and Why We Love Them Anyway

Posted by Laura Firszt | Mar 29, 2017

Either you love them to pieces or you just don’t get what all the fuss is about. We’re talking old houses – not just pre-owned, resales, or whatever they may be...

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Get Your Fireplace in Great Shape for the Holidays

Posted by Laura Firszt | Dec 06, 2016

A blazing fire and a fresh dusting of snow form the perfect backdrop to the winter holidays, whether you happen to be celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or National Chocolate...

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10 Bathroom Safety Tips for the Whole Family

Posted by Laura Firszt | Aug 17, 2016

Did you know the most dangerous room in your house is the bathroom? More home accidents occur there than anywhere else, and family members of whatever age -- from newborns to 90-somethings...


Amazingly Pretty Ways to Upcycle an Ugly Old Sweater

Posted by Laura Firszt | Jan 04, 2016

Take the "ugh" out of ugly. If you have a sweater that you think is too unattractive and worn out to wear anymore, don't toss it into the garbage -- or even the recycling bin. Instead,...


13 Terrific Tools for the DIYer on your Gift List

Posted by Laura Firszt | Dec 06, 2015

Know somebody who's into do-it-yourself? If so, you're in luck -- it's easy to pick out just the right holiday present for the handy person in your life. There is a vast array of very...

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7 Dynamite DIY Charging Stations

Posted by Laura Firszt | Nov 04, 2015

New technology, new needs. These days it seems like every member of your household -- including the gerbil -- has a cell phone of his or her own. What's more, the current craze for...

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When Does an Electrical Outlet Need to be Replaced?

Posted by Laura Firszt | Sep 09, 2015

An electrical outlet in a busy part of the house like your bathroom , kitchen, or home workroom has a difficult life. The outlet (also known as a receptacle) is subject to a great deal...

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21st-Century Reasons to Update Your Electrical System

Posted by Laura Firszt | Jun 03, 2015

Well, all you millennials, Gen-Xers, and baby boomers, we are now firmly ensconced in the 21st century. The first decade and a half of the new millennium has seen a great deal of change,...