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Broken Doorbell Troubleshooting and Repair

Posted by Laura Firszt | Sep 13, 2017

It’s amazing what a problem a broken doorbell can be. You’re likely to miss drop-in visits from friends and family, time-sensitive deliveries, and possibly even important...


How Long Will These 9 Electrical Appliances Last?

Posted by Laura Firszt | Jun 05, 2016

Air conditioner (central) 10-15 years Beware of buying an air conditioning system that is overly large. More is not better; an oversized A/C tends to cycle on and off continually,...


8 Ingenious Repurposes for Old Electric Fixtures

Posted by Laura Firszt | May 25, 2015

Saving electricity is a hot topic these days. It's a great way of conserving precious energy and minimizing your carbon footprint. Another eco-friendly practice is repurposing, which...

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Troubleshoot a Ceiling Fan Malfunction

Posted by Laura Firszt | May 11, 2015

A ceiling fan is a pleasure when the weather starts warming up. It stirs the air and creates a delightful breeze. The fact that a fan is much less expensive to run than your home air...

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Who Can Fix My Whole House Fan?

Posted by Laura Firszt | Jan 15, 2015

A whole house fan is an efficient home cooling device, suitable for anyone who likes to save money and reduce their carbon footprint -- and isn't that just about everyone? Inexpensive...

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In Praise of Freestanding Kitchen Stoves

Posted by Laura Firszt | May 27, 2014

Designer kitchens, as depicted in recent years via the Internet and glossy decorating magazines, almost invariably feature separate cooktops and wall ovens. Interestingly, though, Consumer...

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Malfunctioning Appliances

Posted by Laura Firszt | May 18, 2014

When your oven starts to serve up dinner more charred than broiled or your washer begins making suspicious clunking sounds, you’ve got a problem appliance on your hands. If the...

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Simple Tips For Maintaining Common Problem Areas In Your Home

Posted by Laura Foster-Bobroff | Dec 02, 2011

Maintaining a home can be time consuming, but it is ultimately more efficient than making repairs. Problems always crop up, but with a regular preventative maintenance routine, expensive...