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Pumpkin seedlings thrive under grow lights. Photo: Amy Gaertner/Flickr

Grow Lights: Great for Growing Indoors!

Posted by Katie Marks | Feb 20, 2014

You might have heard people talking about grow lights lately -- including us, with our recent grow light bookshelf tutorial -- but do you know what they are? How do they work? Do you...

Photo: lizzardo/Flickr

Reasons to Install GFCI Outlets

Posted by Katie Marks | Jan 23, 2014

Have you ever heard people talking about "GFCI outlets" and wondered what sort of gobbledegook is coming out of their mouths, let alone whether it's relevant to you? If so, you're not...

Photo: Surija/Flickr

Is Your Dryer Running Efficiently?

Posted by Katie Marks | Jan 21, 2014

Being a renter, I don't necessarily get a lot of control over my appliances. And recently, the dryer has started acting up, taking longer and longer and longer to dry a load of laundry....

Photo: Haldane Martin/Flickr

No More Toxic Furniture in 2014!

Posted by Katie Marks | Jan 07, 2014

We all heard the horror stories: babies and young children trapped in horrible fires, burned to death on furniture that acted like a tinderbox, thanks to the fact that it was filled...

Photo: Abi Skipp/Flickr

Community-Owned Solar Gardens Make Waves

Posted by Katie Marks | Jan 06, 2014

For years now, communities have been taking advantage of public lots to built community gardens, allotments, and other community spaces where those without room to garden at home can...