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Will Your Insurance Cover Garage Door Repair?

Posted by Laura Firszt | Apr 12, 2015

Crash! Crunch! There are few things less like music to a homeowner's ears than the sound of a vehicle (your own or someone else's) backing solidly into your garage door. And the sight...

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4 Ways to Spruce up Your Garage for Spring

Posted by Laura Firszt | Mar 23, 2015

Dedicate One Corner to (Controlling) Clutter Garages are clutter magnets. There's no way around this; it's an inevitable fact of life … or is it? What if you could tame your...

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Garage Door Panel Repair or Replace?

Posted by Laura Firszt | Feb 10, 2015

Your sectional roll-up garage door is composed of at least three hinged panels (usually steel, although some are wooden). Occasionally one of the panels may be damaged by a vehicle...

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ID a Faulty Garage Door Spring

Posted by Laura Firszt | Jan 20, 2015

How often do you use your garage door? Even if you open and close it only when you're leaving for work or coming home, that's a total of approximately 500 times per year. All that wear...

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Commercial Overhead Doors -- Built to Take a Beating

Posted by Laura Firszt | Dec 28, 2014

Looking to install or replace commercial overhead doors? Remember Job #1 -- these doors have got to be built for endurance and efficiency. They frequently are required to open and close...