Recent Garage Doors Articles

Gap Between Garage Door and Floor

Posted by Kevin Stevens | Jul 07, 2010

Having a garage is a pretty handy thing, besides keeping your car free of rain and snow. It’s a handy place to store many things, from garden shovels to bicycles. It’s a bit of...

Garage Door Torsion Spring Safety Tips

Posted by Kevin Stevens | Jul 05, 2010

This article is the eighth in a series on garage-related stuff that I have written for Networx. Some of the other topics include cable and roller maintenance, garage door sensors, garage...

Balancing Your Garage Door

Posted by Kevin Stevens | Jul 05, 2010

Balancing a garage door does not involve circus tricks, teeter-totters or special gymnastic skills. Instead, it is the relationship between the garage door’s weight and the springs...

What to Do about a Noisy Garage Door Opener

Posted by Kevin Stevens | Jul 04, 2010

One common complaint by homeowners is that their garage door opener makes too much noise. While it is not possible to have a truly silent opener and completely stop the noise, some...

Keep Your New Garage Door Looking and Acting Like New

Posted by Kevin Stevens | Jun 16, 2010

If you are lucky enough to have a brand new garage door - whether it's in a new house or a replacement door in an older house - you have made a big investment and you want to protect...