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DIY Garage Organization: Clear Out, Clean Up, Optimize

Posted by Laura Firszt | Feb 21, 2017

Quick! What does the following quote refer to? Everybody complains about _____, but nobody does anything about it. If you guessed “the clutter in my garage,” you weren’t...


7 Home Improvements To Tackle As Soon As You Move In

Posted by Laura Firszt | Jan 04, 2017

Phew! It’s taken months of planning and mountains of paperwork, but you’re finally moving into a home of your very own. Home improvement experts often advise that you...

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Here’s What You Need to Upgrade Your Garage

Posted by Laura Firszt | Aug 10, 2016

Feeling squeezed for space in your home? Upgrading your garage may be the solution. Whether you opt for a complete garage remodel or just a few small changes, you’ll be tapping...

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What You Don't Know About Your Garage Can Hurt You

Posted by Laura Firszt | Feb 14, 2016

Do you have a garage attached to your house? Attached garages have become an increasingly popular feature of American homes since they were first introduced a century ago, overtaking...


How to Keep Your Home Warm When It's C-C-Cold Outside

Posted by Laura Firszt | Feb 03, 2016

Freezing weather outdoors ... cozy and warm inside your home. For many folks, that's a picture of the ideal winter conditions. Cranking up the furnace is one possible way to get that...