Yellow Interior Paint

Jan 01, 2011

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There are many moods associated with paint colors, and yellow paint is always associated with bright and cheery feelings. Yellow paint is considered a warm color if used in the right way. There are many shades of yellow, and it is a very popular color for bathrooms anddining rooms. That's right: even dining rooms. Painting a wall in a deep, less-bright yellow can create an elegant and dramatic vibe for a dining room.

Traditionally, yellow interior paint was used for the walls of a baby's bedroom. The bright and neutral qualities of the yellow paint are perfect for a baby's room, which is why it has never really gone out of style. Additionally, yellow is a calming and a quiet color, both of which are helpful for a baby.

Did you know that yellow is described as having a positive psychological effect? It's no surprise, as yellow is so cheery and can be equated with feelings of warmth. It can even encourage social interaction. That may not explain why it is used so often for bathrooms,but it definitely explains the trend for dining rooms! There are so many shades of yellow that one is bound to work for your project.

Some Yellow Paint Considerations

  • Most yellow paints require numerous coats, so keep that in mind when you purchase your paint. You may want to consider hiring a paintingcontractor, as this job can turn out to be time-consuming.
  • If you have off-white trim in a room with yellow paint, you should consider changing it to pure white or a very pale creamy white. Off-white trim (next to yellow) often appears grayish.
  • Natural wood floors and black floors look great with yellow paints.
  • If you are unsure about painting your wall(s) yellow, then it's a good idea is to buy a two-ounce tester can of yellow paint, which you can purchase at most paint stores. Then simply paint a large area of the wall to see how you like it; give it a few days.
  • Certain bright yellow paints have been known to increase anxiety and raise the blood pressure in some people (Source: Home Decorating Made Easy). Therefore, consider using softer yellow tones for large rooms.
  • Yellow has many undertones, so be sure to pick one that will blend with your decorating plan. For example, some shades of yellow have hints of red or orange, almost like a mango. This allows for some great decorating elements involving reds and oranges, such as throwpillows and or drapes.

Tips from Better Homes and Gardens

Daffodil by Sherwin-Williams is great for a bathroom. Click the link to view an image of the color andcoordinating color recommendations.

Ground Mustard by True Value is a friendly, deeper yellow shade. Can work well as an accent wall.

Cornsilk by Behris a pale yellow which can create a bright room.

Mustard Glaze by Valspar is good for an accent wall.

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