Wood Garage Doors

Jan 01, 2011
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Wooden garage doors have decreased in popularity as other garage door types have improved in their abilities to closely match the look of genuine wood doors. Still, the aesthetics and flexibility of wood garage doors make them a popular choice in the garage door market.

Advantages of Wood Garage Doors

  • Classic appearance
  • Can be easily painted or stained in the color of your choice
  • Can easily be repainted. If you decide to repaint the exterior of your home,you can also easily repaint your garage; that way, you won't be stuck with a garage door that doesn't match your house
  • Wood garage doors are heavy and strong
  • Withstand bumps and scratches well
  • Easily installed. Most wood garage doors are easily installed by a professional. The tilt-up style doors are the easiest to install, and they are affordable too
  • With proper maintenance, wood garage doors last a long time

Some Disadvantages

  • Maintenance. Wood doors need a good deal of maintenance, including needing to be repainted or refinished every couple of years
  • Due to the weather, wooden garage doors expand, contract, warp and crack
  • Without careful maintenance, wood garage doors can end up looking worn out

Make sure to have a reliable garage door contractor install your garage door.

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