How to Repair a Vinyl Fence

Jan 01, 2011
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vinyl fence

Vinyl fences are growing in popularity, partly because they are nearly maintenance-free. If installed properly, they won’t warp, rust or rot. They don't even require paint. However, life (and accidents) can happen, leading to necessary vinyl fence repair. Specifically, frost, loose parts, weed whackers and backyard games can all cause damage to your fence. Here are some vinyl fence repair tips for each of these problems.

Frosty Surprise

Just as water expands as it becomes ice, frosty soil expands and can push fence posts out of the ground. Thankfully, there is an easy vinyl fence repair for frost-heaved posts. Pull the posts out of the ground, then dig the post hole deeper so it’s below frost depth. Make the hole wider at the bottom than the top and fill the hole with cement. This vinyl fence repair will keep the post from popping back up because it will have to fight its way through frozen ground.

Cracking Up

An errant baseball, weed whackers and falling branches can crack an otherwise durable vinyl fence. There is no attractive and lasting vinyl fence repair without replacing the broken pieces. You will need to order replacement parts and repeat a portion of the installation. You should be able to determine the extent of the necessary vinyl fencerepair. It could mean swapping out one piece or it could mean replacing a whole section.

Loose Gates

Like any door or fence, vinyl fence gates can come loose or need adjustment. This vinyl fence repair is also like that of any other gate. Try tightening and adjusting the hinges. If the fence keeps sagging no matter how often you tighten the hinges, you might need to add a wheel on the outside edge of the gate. The wheel rolls out as you open the gate and takes pressure off the hinges.

A Cap Falls Off

While most pieces of the fence are unlikely to come loose or separate, the decorative caps on top of the fence posts can come loose. Again, this is a simple vinyl fence repair, but it takes special PVC fence glue. Your trusty superglue may not help in this case.

Frost heaves, stray footballs, sagging doors and loose caps can all prompt vinyl fence repairs. This should not deter you from buying vinyl fences, since they typically require less maintenance than other fences.

Author Steve Graham is an expert on green building who writes for several homeimprovement publications. He's full of great, practical home improvement answers, and incidentally, he's pretty funny - so send him a message.

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