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Posted by Chaya Kurtz | G+ | Nov 05, 2009
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Greywater sounds nice in theory, but putting it into practice often seems like fantasy. The Hyphae Design Lab in Oakland, CA is reinventing the bathroom. Their bathroom designs recycle water within the bathroom, so that sink and shower water ends up as toilet water. Dwell Magazine's video about Hyphae Design Lab is narrated by Hyphae's founder Brett Bucknam, who seems to be a master of actualizing urban ecology ideals. Check it out - I thought Bucknam's method of reusing bathroom water was really brilliant. I'd love to see more entrepreneurs like him. Incidentally, Dwell's video quality is great and the footage of Brett Bucknam's live/work space is really good. There's plenty of architectural inspiration to be found in its open floor plan.

Watch Dwell's video about Hyphae Design Lab.

Photo credit: Dwell Magazine

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