Video: How to Replace Fuses and Reset Breakers

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Posted by Chaya Kurtz | Nov 09, 2009
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I watched this video because it's on a YouTube channel called "KlutzGuide's Channel." I am a klutz - I've had to replace half the glasses in my kitchen because I manage to drop at least two on the floor every week. I figured whatever home repair advice Jack Kleinman, the author of Klutz's Guide Saving Money on Home Repair Bills, would offer would be easy to digest. It was! Have you ever wondered how to replace a fuse in an old fashioned fuse box? Have you pondered how to label your circuit breaker box so that the next time you short out a circuit, you can identify where in the house you shorted it? Sometimes you just need a grandfatherly guy to stand there and slowly show you how to do a home repair - no flashy sound effects, just good, easy-to-understand home repair information.

Watch the Klutz Guide's video: How to Replace Fuses and Reset Breakers

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