How to Get Used Bricks and Stones

Salvaging saves money and landfill space.

Posted by Steve Graham | Sep 15, 2009
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Small, imperfect chunks of brick and stone typically fill trash bins at construction sites. Later, they will take up landfill space when they could save you money while saving landfill space and reducing the use of new resources.


Stone and brick can be reused in a variety of home and garden projects.

•  Fit brick and stone fragments together to make a path

  • Line up bricks and stones to make edging around a garden
  • Break them up and use them as fill gravel under patios or other new construction projects.
  • Put brick pieces in the bottom of planting pots to improve drainage
  • Use small, irregular brick fragments of various colors in mosaic projects.
  • Keep them around to hold down tarps, garbage can lids or other items that might be blown away in the wind.


The answer may not be as simple as "pull them out of the trash bin." Most trash bins are on private property. You could be charged with trespassing, particularly on construction sites. Some sites have cameras and other security systems to keep people from stealing valuable tools and supplies. Moreover, a new trend in construction is soft demolition or salvage demolition. In these projects, every piece of a building is carefully removed and stored for future use. Even so, brick, cement and stone fragments may still be tossed.

A friendly smile and a request can probably get you a bucket full of rocks and bricks for your projects.

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