Save Electricty with LED Lamps

Posted by Lucy Stone | Sep 07, 2009
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Save Electricty with LED Lamps

Make your home more eco-friendly with LED lamps, which use a fraction of the electricity that incandescent bulbs use, and produce a bright, strong light. These following LED lamps are fashionable and affordable.

Adesso Eternity Floor Lamp

Even in these modern times, LED floor lamps are tricky to find. That is until you run across the Adesso Eternity Floor Lamp, which incorporates 20 white LEDs that emit a concentrated, bluish-white light, making it great for accent lighting. As far as energy goes, these lamps use about 2 watts or 90% less power than an equivalent incandescent.

Antique-Style LED Night Light Uplight Table Torchiere Lamp

Classic antique styling meets high tech in this elegant torchiere LED lamp. Designed with an antique look featuring a bronze footed base and amber glass, the top glass holds a regular bulb, while down below is a built-in LED night light that offers a soft glow at night. A 4-position switch allows you to control both bulbs. Available at

Jobar International Swing Arm LED Wall Lamp

This LED wall lamp is a space saving lighting accent that mounts anywhere in your home. Featuring a swing arm that projects light in just the right spot, this lamp is also battery-powered so you don't have to worry about tripping over any dangerous cords.

Desktop LED Reading Lamp

This flex reading light provides plenty of light to read without straining your eyes. The base is made of non-slip material and is powered with three AA batteries or by your PC or Macs USB port. These 14 super bright LEDs each have a bulb life of 100,000 hours. Available at

Blue Flat Head LED Desk Lamp

Combining proper lighting with style to create a comfortable atmosphere in any room, this modern desk lamp features a sleek, disc shaped base with a matching head and telescopic metal arms. Offered in a variety of eye-catching colors, this 18-bulb LED lamp is a great addition to a contemporary office or dorm room. Available at

Sunlush High Power LED Floor Lamp

This modern floor lamp features geometric shapes that accent any décor with three lamps shining from the top. Made of aluminum and metal, this sturdy LED lamp saves you time, money and storage space for replacement bulbs.

Lumisource AD-RADIANCE FLR Radiance Floor Lamp - Clear-LED Phasing Lights

This funky floor lamp features a clear tube filled with hundreds of clear acrylic rocks surrounding multi-colored LEDs. As the colors slowly phase, the rocks catch and refract the light for a dazzling effect. Flip the switch and set the color from a red-green-blue phasing mode to a brilliant bright white.

Adesso Lighting Iris Gooseneck Floor Lamp

Featuring a flexible gooseneck that extends from a thin chrome pole, these teardrop-shaped LED lights add soft design to the bright performance of this 65-inch lamp.

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