How to Prevent Cockroaches

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Jan 01, 2011

Cockroaches are some of the ugliest, most feared and bothersome pests. While all pests are bothersome, roaches are uniquely bothersome in that they are directly associated with dirt, filth and garbage. Even more so, they carry and transmit disease. So when it comes to roach prevention, it's really all about cleanliness. The cleaner you keep your home (mostly from crumbs), the less likely you are to have roaches. There are other factors which also contribute to roach invasion that cannot always be prevented, such as the climate. This is especially true in damper states such as Georgia or Texas.

The following are a few tips on preventing roaches:

1. Keep Your House Clean

Who really has the time to keep an immaculate house? With the help of a cleaning service, this may be possible. Even with help, there are still important cleaning activities that you can turn into habit that will help make your home less attractive to roaches. How much you use your kitchen and whether you have little children in the house are factors in how often you will need to sweep, vacuum, wipe cabinets and countertops and more. A very important rule is to never leave dirty dishes or food particles in the sink overnight. Not only can this attract roaches, but it can bring other pests, too, such as ants.

2. Avoid Having Damp Areas

Roaches are attracted to moisture, especially dark and damp areas. Therefore, it's crucial to avoid leaving standing water anywhere in your home, like in the bathtub. Don't leave washcloths in the bathroom or damp kitchen towels on the kitchen counter. If your home is particularly damp then consider using a de-humidifier. If you have a clogged drain that causes water to sit in the sink, then have it fixed by a plumber.

3. Seal the Cracks!

Roaches are known for crawling through very small cracks. Sealing up the cracks around your home will help to prevent roaches from entering into your space. Take a walk around your home and check baseboards, door frames, window frames, under sinks and any cracks orcrevices and where electrical and telephone lines enter the house. You can also place boric acid powder in those places; when a cockroach walks through it, it clings to its feet and antennae, and they eventually ingest the powder, which kills them. Boric acid is fairly safe to use and handle. Ingested in large quantities, it can make a human sick, too. Cockroach bait houses are also effective as a supplement to spraying. (Source:

4. Garbage Can Habits

Keep your garbage cans tightly covered. Consider taking the garbage out more often if you think it might be attracting roaches.

5. Compost Piles

Compost piles are a fabulous way to recycle your kitchen scraps. The problem is that indoor compost bins can attract roaches. Since many compost bins are kept in dark basementsand contain decomposing material, they are a potential attraction to roaches. If you have an outdoor compost bin, make sure it is a few feet away from your home.

Additional Tips:

  • Plug drains on sinks when not in use. Cockroaches can come in through sewer pipes if the water has subsided.
  • Keep laundry baskets dry. Do not store any damp clothing or towels inside a laundry hamper.
  • Sprinkle boric acid around cracks, doors and more.

If you still have a roach problem or think your home may have an infestation, then you will need to contact a professional exterminator to help you.

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