Remodeling Tip: Flood Resistant Materials

Posted by Cris Carl | Jul 17, 2012
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When you remodel in hurricane-prone areas like Miami, use flood-resistant materials.If you live in a region that is affected by hurricanes and flooding, naturally you are going to want to incorporate flood-proofing when remodeling in Miami or other flood-prone locations. FEMA offers an extensive online library to help homeowners determine, for example, what flood-resistant materials to use.  FEMA’s website notes that building materials are considered flood resistant “if they can withstand direct contact with flood waters for at least 72 hours without being significantly damaged.”  The site states that significant damage is damage that “requires more than low cost or cosmetic repair.”

The website’s article on flood-proof materials to select when remodeling include concrete, decay-resistant lumber, polyester epoxy paint, marine grade plywood, and foam or closed cell insulation.

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