Pressure Assisted Toilets: Benefits and Costs

Jan 01, 2011
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pressure assist toilet
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What’s Inside a Pressure-Assisted Toilet?

Essentially, there are two main kinds of toilets: pressure-assisted and gravity-flow. A gravity-flow toilet is a basic type of toilet that contains water inside of the toilet tank; these toilets are the most common type of toilet. A pressure-assist toilet is different from a gravity-flow toilet in one department – the inside of the toilet tank.

When peering inside of a gravity-flow toilet tank, water is the main component. If one were to open up a pressure-assist toilet tank, an additional, smaller tank would be visible. Pressure-assisted toilets have a tank inside of another tank so that a large amount of air pressure is created in between the two tanks. This pressure makes it possible for more water to stay inside of the toilet bowl, which, in turn, results in a cleaner toilet.

Cons of a Pressure-Assist Toilet

Pressure-assist toilets are popular within industrial settings, since they are far more efficient than gravity-flow toilets. However, most homeowners do not purchase pressure-assisted toilets since these toilets tend to be rather loud.

The inner workings of a pressure-assisted toilet are not the same as a gravity-flow toilet. Most hardware stores don’t stock these parts regularly, thus, replacing or repairing parts inside of a pressurized toilet is somewhat difficult.

Pressure-assisted toilets are more expensive than regular gravity-flow toilets. While a gravity-flow toilet can be purchased for around $120 to $300, a pressure-assisted toilet can cost as much as $700.

Pros of a Pressure-Assisted Toilet

Even though there are some drawbacks to a pressure-assisted toilet, there are also some benefits to consider.

The first benefit has to do with the strength of the toilet itself. Thanks to the components inside of a pressure-assist toilet, these toilets are much more efficient.

As previously mentioned, a pressure-assist toilet is also cleaner than a gravity-flow toilet, since the bowl holds more water.

Lastly, many homeowners and business owners choose pressure-assisted toilets because these toilets are not impacted by humid weather (readers in Miami know what I'm talking about). That’s because the tank-in-tank design reduces any amount of sweat.

Clearly, there are many different factors to consider when purchasing a toilet. By weighing the pros and cons of a gravity-flow toilet versus a pressure-assisted toilet, you can determine the right kind of toilet for your home.

Author Harriette Halepis is a writer based in Montreal. She specializes in DIY and modern interior design. AskHarriette for advice on anything from vegetarian Canadian bacon to adding mod accents to your home décor.

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