Kitchen Appliances that Make Breakfast a Breeze

Posted by Harriette Halepis | Sep 24, 2009
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Kitchen Appliances that Make Breakfast a Breeze

With the latest kitchen appliance designs and innovations, breakfast doesn't have to be boring! These mod and hip kitchen devices make breakfast a breeze.

Handpresso Wild

Breakfast just isn't breakfast without a strong cup of coffee. This hand-held espresso machine is easy to use, simple, and quick. The best part about the Handpresso is that you can take it anywhere with you - really. Whether you are at your desk or on a mountain top, all you need is some water (preferably hot), a bit of ground coffee, and a couple of minutes. The price tag might seem a bit high, but it's actually quite reasonable when you compare it to $500+ espresso machines that have to be plugged in! Photo credit/available at:

Kalorik Breakfast Set

Do you need to save some space? If so, then the Kalorik Breakfast Set is for you. This three-in-one toaster, griddle, and coffee maker is priceless. This set makes the perfect breakfast companion, and it won't take up your entire countertop. Photo credit/available at:

Kalorik Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker

Kalorik makes so many innovative products that are hard to pass up - and the heart-shaped waffle maker is no exception to this rule. Not only is this appliance easy to use (just mix, pour, and wait until for the green light), it also produces perfectly heart-shaped waffles for you and your loved ones. At $29 per maker, who can resist? Photo credit/available at:

CHEFS Non-Stick 4-Egg and 6-Egg Poacher

Egg poachers aren't new, but this clever design by CHEFS is entirely unique. Make up to six eggs at one time with the non-stick egg poacher. A glass top lets you see how your eggs are cooking, and removable cups make it easy to slide your perfectly poached eggs on top of a buttery biscuit or slice of warm toast. Photo credit/available at:

Fresh Traveler Cereal Container

No time for breakfast? Why not take your milk and cereal with you? The FreshTraveller (designed by Arian Brekveld) contains two separate compartments to prevent your cereal from getting soggy. Place one serving of cereal in the bottom of this container, and add your milk to the top half. When you arrive at your destination, combine the two using the top part of the container as a handy bowl - now that's on-the-go thinking! Photo credit/available at:

Yogurt Incubator

Have you ever thought about making your own yogurt? Yogurt is packed with lots of nutritional goodies that help to make any breakfast complete. Making your own yogurt used be tricky (lots of temperature factors to consider), but not anymore! All you have to do to make your own creamy concoctions is pour some heated milk into the Yogurt Incubator, add some culture, and let the incubator do the rest. A unique Styrofoam insert allows this device to keep yogurt at the right temperature for hours, so you don't have to worry about keeping an eye on your homemade yogurt (you can make buttermilk and sour cream too!). Photo credit/available at:

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