Hose Holders

Posted by Linda Merrill | Oct 06, 2009
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Hose Holders

The standard garden hose is not the most attractive item in your tool shed. If you are like most of us, it's a nuisance item that spends more time coiled up under a bush like a snake waiting to pounce than neatly stored out of sight. There are many attractive options available to keep that hose where it belongs and out from underfoot!

Big Earl Hose Holder

The Big Earl Hose Holder is deceptively named, as it's quite delicate looking and attractive! This black iron holder is staked into the ground rather than attached to the wall of your house, which is great for renters or those with masonry siding. Plus, it's portable for longer distance watering needs. Photo credit/available at: Gardensandhome.com.

Chadwick Round Hose Holder

The Chadwick Round Hose Holder is an elegant wall mounted hose reel that holds 100' of hose. Made of powder-coated aluminum, this hose holder is rust resistant and your hose will pull out and roll back in with easy. The beautiful screen on the front is the perfect cover-up for that blah and boring hose! Photo credit/available at: Saveshopping.us.

Copper Garden Host Pot

This Copper Garden Host Pot has a touch of the snake charmer to it. A nifty hide-a-way for that boring old garden hose! Made of durable, powder-coated steel and finished to look like copper, this pot holds 150' of garden hose. Run the hose in the bottom and coil around the center post for easy storage and containment. Very charming and certainly tamed! Photo credit/available at: Amazon.com.

Solid Brass Frog and Lily Pad Hose Holder

This Solid Brass Frog and Lily Pad Hose Holder is a work of sculpture that almost seems too artistic for it's use! Elegantly finished, this hose holder does a utilitarian job in style-and shows that even the most standard item in the home can be a work of art! Photo credit/available at: Mailboxesandstuff.com.

Fancy Iron Garden Hose Holder

A touch of the French country garden is yours with this Fancy Iron Garden Hose Holder. This wall mounted hose holder, made from cast iron, has a great shabby chic patina with its rust finish-but don't let it fool you! This item will stand up to the elements and keep your garden hose well in hand. Photo credit/available at: Amazon.com.

Suncast Swivel Garden Hose Reel

The Suncast Swivel Garden Hose Reel is both portable and highly functional. Holding up to 225' of hose, this portable reel and storage unit makes the work of pulling out the hose and storing it away again a breeze. Its swivel base makes for easy use in the back yard and the hose reels in quickly when needed for mowing. Photo credit/available at: Bigmarblebasics.net.

Wrought Iron Hose Holder on Stake

This elegant wrought iron Hose Holder can be staked to the ground or mounted on a wall. 100' feet of hose can be kept wherever is most convenient-whether by the flower beds, the driveway for car washing or by the house. Buy one for every outdoor faucet location for convenience in an elegant package. Photo credit/available at: Plowhearth.com.

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