Home Security Tip: Nature's Barbed Wire

Posted by Dan Gould | Dec 02, 2011
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Spiky holly leaves -- not just for the holidays. Photo via Morguefile.comBurglar-proofing your home can be a daunting project. Between costly options like home monitoring systems and straight up scary options like pit bulls and guns, it can be almost as stressful as a real robbery. Thankfully, a recent thread on Hometalk explored a number of simple preventative measures homeowners can take to keep their homes safe without breaking the bank or dealing with weapons.

One easy to implement technique that was brought up, is to plant tall pointy shrubs like holly around and under window areas. Acting as "nature's barbed wire," the prickly plant can help prevent would-be burglars from attempting to gain entry to your house via easily broken windows.

Otherwise, it's best to keep shrubs and trees in other areas on the shorter side, so that robbers cannot hide behind them and surprise you.

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