Designer Picks: Grown Up Night Lights

A designer picks modern, mature night lights.

Posted by Linda Merrill | Jul 27, 2011
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Photo: RobernOnce thought of as simply something for children who are afraid of the dark, night lights have often featured very juvenile designs.  Here is a collection of mature, yet modern, nightlights for adults who seek a sense of security, and safety from unexpected objects underfoot.

Art Deco Night Light via Kyle Designs

Kyle Designs offers a collection of plug-in night lights that feature sophisticated covers such as this Art Déco style. The brass cover with amber glass features a classic Art Deco design motif that will look good whether on or off.

The Robern Uplift Pendant Light

Robern lighting products are the favorites of interior designers and have been referred to as the Tiffany of bathroom lighting. Their Uplift Pendant Light is a different take on the standard bathroom sconce and is suspended from the ceiling rather than wall mounted. A very nice feature is the night light setting that sends a soft light upwards, gently illuminating the space.

The Porcelain Garden Lithophane Night Light

The Porcelain Garden has a line of “Lithophane” night lights. Lithophane, or “Lithophanie” from the French, is the traditional process of etching scenes onto pieces of porcelain which can only be seen when back lit. The illuminated work appears “en grisaille” meaning in gray tones. 

Adjustable LED Night Light by Maxxima Style

Sometimes, the available outlet for a night light is not conveniently placed and you wish to point the light in a specific direction. Maxxima Style offers an LED night light with adjustable louvers and light sensors that turn the light on at dusk and off at dawn. 

The Nova Kimora Standing Modern Night Light Table Lamp

The Nova Kimora Standing Modern Night Light Table Lamp has a modern, slatted wood base with stylish lampshade. Inside the slatted base there is a small integrated night light that can be turned on as needed. The lamp has a 4-way switch, 3 for a standard 3-way lamp under the shade and the 4th works the night light setting.

Night Light Applications for Smart Phones

Need a little night light when traveling or staying with friends? Of course, there’s an app for that. There are several iPhone and Android apps available that mimic the soft light of a night light. Some feature timers that turn off the light at a designated time and others feature moon- and sunrise. 

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