Storage Ideas that Raise Home Value

Get yourself organized now and add value to your home down the road.

Posted by Linda Merrill | Oct 20, 2009
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There are opportunities all around the house to create great looking and functional storage solutions that will also add dollars to your home's value. Lack of sufficient storage space-no matter where in the home-is one of the more frustrating aspects of home ownership. And if you are struggling with the best way to store and organize your belongings, you can bet that potential home buyers will be looking hard for those amenities as well.

Basement Storage for Home Value

Let's start in the basement. Whether you have a fully built-out basement or just your typical cement floor and ceiling joist space, a clean and dry space is a great option for improving storage and organization in the home. Heavy load steel shelving is readily available at any home improvement store and for a relatively small investment, you will have increased your storage capabilities exponentially. Add some good lighting and a work table to the space and you can say you have a workspace/storage area - always a bonus for those looking for a craft room or gift wrapping station!

Add Kitchen Storage for Higher Home Value

Moving on upstairs, the kitchen is an obvious source of storage woes or wows. A wow in the kitchen always means added value to a home sale. Great options for adding kitchen storage: Corner cabinets are often total wastes of space, but a well-planned Lazy-Susan or pull-out storage drawer will add exponentially to your storage and home value. Lower cabinets are often hard to reach, particularly for older folks, so anything that makes these spaces easier to access will be a big yes for home buyers. For me, being shorter, upper cabinet pull down units would be a huge bonus. There are also many inside drawer organizers, from spice or knife racks to utensil and silver sorters. Anything you can do to make a kitchen more functional will be appealing to potential buyers.

Bedroom Storage Adds Value to a Home

In the bedroom, closet storage systems can be wildly extravagant or fairly basic. On the upper end, there are fully built out spaces from closet specialists that include finished wood drawers and moveable hanging racks. These are great choices for higher end homes, but are by no means the only way to go and not really even appropriate for a more modest house. For a bedroom closet, it really boils down to this: can you see what you own and is it easy to put clothes back where they belong? Easily accessible shelving, not too high-for folded clothing, and plentiful hanging rods should be the focus. Wooden or wire storage cubes are fantastic for many uses as they accommodate flat folded clothes as well as shoes or handbags. Potential buyers will be looking for great closet systems that serve their needs from day one. Give them that and you are one step closer to a sale.

All in all, most homes have lots of unused spaces that are ripe for the picking when it comes to creating the perfect storage for your needs. And when it comes time to sell, your realtor will love being able to add: "great built-in storage" to the marketing brochure. Certainly a win-win for all!

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