Giant Pythons Take Over Florida

Posted by Hometalk | Sep 15, 2009
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According to National Geographic, home owners in Florida have one more pest to watch out for. If alligators and Burmese pythons were not threat enough to the panhandle's dogs and cats, residents now need to protect their homes from 20-foot-long, genetically hybrid African rock pythons.

According to National Geographic, the snakes have only been found in a suburb west of Miami, but they're quite close to Everglade National Park, where erroneously released Burmese pythons and cobras have already eaten thousands of animals. Wildlife authorities fear that the African rock pythons will cross into the protected wilderness area and decimate the animal population there.

Wildlife authorities suspect that the African rock pythons were released from a pet-breeding facility. It gets me thinking, why would anyone want to keep a ferocious snake in his house? I mean, seriously. One of these things is not like the other: hardwood floor, solar thermal water system, task lighting, aggressive mammal-eating snake!? National Geographic reports that African pythons are so fierce that they come out of the shell striking. Who really wants a pet that could squeeze you to death or could eat your cat?

I mean, I understand wanting an interesting visual piece in your home, but a killer snake? A python breeder reported to ABC News that Americans buy millions of dollars worth of deadly snakes every year because "It's an animal that's beautiful. It's interesting to watch." My friends, here is a list of a few non-toxic home decorations that incorporate the spectacle aspect of scary snake ownership, but will never eat your cat:

  • Live goldfish toilet tank-it's weird and cool, a great gift for the person who has everything
  • Stabbable human-shaped knife holder - it only looks dangerous
  • Snake photo mouse pads - freak out your office mates
  • Fake taxidermy antler chandelier - for an upscale sort of Halloween look all year round.

Posted by: Chaya Goodman

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