Gardening Tip: Soda Bottle Planters

Posted by Dan Gould | Mar 11, 2012
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Los Angeles gardener Mike Lieberman recently shared a handy guide to urban gardening with us that explains all of the basics you need to get started.

Through the trials and tribulation of learning how to grow his own food in small spaces, Mike discovered that it was actually a lot easier than it seems. I'd always considered doing some urban gardening myself but never felt like I had enough space to do it (and I was wrong).

One of the things he reccomends is to get creative with space. According to Mike, you can literally grow plants anywhere there is sufficient sunlight, there is no need for fancy planters or big containers. The simplest method is to cut up some old plastic soda bottles and hang them off of any little bit of spare space - on walls, from the ceiling or even off a balcony as seen above.

It's an elegant solution and a great way to get your feet wet with urban gardening.

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