Garage Door Safety

Jan 01, 2011
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Your garage door is one of the heaviest and largest moving objects in or attached to your house. Automatic garage doors were an amazing improvement in garage doors, but they came with some serious dangers. Before the mid 1980s, many garage doors did not have any safetyfeatures, which caused a lot of accidents and harm to people and cars. Nowadays, almost all garage doors have safety features to prevent entrapment and they include sensors that cause the garage door to reverse before it actually hits anything. If you still happen to have an older garage door without safety features, please consider contacting a garage door contractor to install crucial safety features to prevent serious injury to you, your family and your car.

There are three steps you can take to help prevent an accident:

  • Proper garage door installation
  • Proper operation of the garage door
  • Maintenance

The best way to prevent injuries is to make sure your garage door works right. Ask yourself: Does my garage door have all the proper safety features? Does my garage door opener have safety features?

General Garage Door Safety Precautions

(Based on guidelines from DASMA — Door and Access System Manufacturers Association International
and the CPSC — Consumer Products Safety Commission)

  • Don't stand or walk under a moving garage door.
  • Never allow children to play with remote controls/garage door openers.
  • Keep the garage door wall button control at least 5 feet from the floor. Make sure the button is in a place where you can see the moving garage door.
  • Teach children to never play under or near an open garage door.
  • Always follow garagedoor safety tips, including making sure you have the right safety features installed such as tamper-resistant brackets and safety cables.
  • Properly maintain your garage door. An annual garage door maintenance check could end up saving lives by helping you recognize loose springs or springs that need to be replaced. Some simple tests should also be performed, such as a reversal test to makesure the garage door reverses if it senses anything in its way.

Many of these general guidelines involve children because many accidents often occur as a result of a child's mistake. Keep your children safe and educate your entire family on garage door safety.

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