Five Fantastic Low Budget Luxury Items

Treat Yourself to Some Affordable Luxury!

Posted by Marcy Tate | Sep 01, 2009
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There are many low budget luxury items available not only to make your life a bit easier, but to also deliver some well deserved pampering. Here are a few items to get you started. You'll be pleasantly surprised to learn how affordable and luxurious these items are.

Item 1: Massaging Shower Heads

For just over $150 you can get yourself an unlimited amount of shower-water massages. How? The answer is by simply purchasing a high quality massaging shower head. Some of the best plumbing fixture manufactures, such as Moen, produce various styles of massaging shower heads to fit your budget. For about $180 you can choose from shower heads which have 4-6 spray functions, optional hand held features, easy grip handles, and more. Find the one to best suit your needs and you'll be on your way to a luxurious and relaxing shower experience.

Item 2: Heated Towel Racks

Whether there's a chill in your home during the winter or in the summer from the a/c, nothing beats walking out of the shower into a warm, soft towel. Heated towel racks can provide you with this luxurious feeling each and every day - for under $200. You can even install the rack on your own and then simply plug it into the wall to get started. Want to spend even less than $200? It's possible. Do an internet search for discontinued or older models and you'll surely find some great discounted deals.

Item 3: Concrete Bathroom Countertops & Sink

Get the look and feel of a luxury marble sink and counter top with custom poured and designed concrete countertops. For about the same price as granite, you can make your bathroom look super sharp and stylish. In fact it costs about $65 to $135 per square foot for the standard 1.5 inch thick concrete counter top. Concrete contractors will come out to your house and pour the countertop on the spot. A designer will help you create the exact finish and sink design. Be in control of your bathroom design with concrete - without spending thousands of dollars.

Item 4: Warming Drawers

A little bit higher in the low budget category of luxury items are warming drawers. These are truly an amazing convenience feature for any kitchen. For $700, you can have a warming drawer installed, which is designed to look like a drawer or cabinet. Warming drawers warm up dishes or food, provide slow cooking/roasting features, and keep your breads fresh and warm for that special dinner. Some warmers can even be used to warm small towels! Keep your food warm without getting dried out by installing a warming drawer. Keep in mind that the more features you want, the higher the cost of the drawer. View a KitchenAid 24" warming drawer (costs under $700).

Item 5: VacuSweep Units

For about $30 you can install a sweep system in your baseboard or bottom of your cabinet for easy sweeping. You can forget the dustpan with this unit! Simply push a lever with your foot and sweep away the dirt. The catch though is that you need to have a central vacuum system in your home for this unit to work properly. Central vacuum units cost about $1,000 but the price will vary depending on the size and the vacuuming needs of your home. View VacuSweep models.

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