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11 Fire features for fun summer nights

From DIY fire pit decks to custom stone work, your options are wide open if you're thinking of buying or installing a fire feature.

And why wouldn't you want a fire feature? There's nothing quite like relaxing by an outdoor fire on a cool summer or autumn night. From the firewood crackling to the smell of wood burning, it's a treat that warms both body and soul.

Do you like to cook? Some fire features can double as barbecue grills, or even as wood fired pizza ovens. You can have a great time experimenting with grilled foods if you have an outdoor fire feature that accommodates cooking.

Kretyen/Flickr Creative Commons

Pictured first is an old fashioned chiminea. Do not overlook the chiminea as an option for an outdoor fire feature. They're portable, frequently inexpensive, and come in a variety of colors and styles.  Yes, chimineas have a bit of a Southwestern vibe, but some of them are modern enough looking to fit into a contemporary design scheme. Modfire makes some really neat high end modern chimineas.

joebeone/Flickr Creative Commons

Keep it simple with a prefabricated portable fire pit. There are so many styles of portable fire pit to choose from. You can move it into the garage to store for the winter.

_tar0_/Flickr Creative Commons

Here's a custom concrete fire pit. Unless you have super skills, you'll need a concrete contractor to pour and install one of these for you. It look pretty awesome, so the investment could be worth it for your home or business.

Marni-/Flickr Creative Commons

So here is a DIY version of the concrete fire pit. It's smaller and cheaper to make than the previous one, but it offers a similar effect.

Angela@Unexpected Elegance/

And here is another DIY fire pit. This one is made out of a metal drum surrounded by patio pavers. It was built by a Angela Lerew of Unexpected Elegance, a blogger and DIY remodeler in Indianapolis.

ACM Design Architects/Flickr Creative Commons

Now we're starting to get into the fancy stuff: Custom stone fire pits.

Willow Gates Landscaping/

This flagstone and boulder fire pit and patio is understated and classic.

Green Impressions/Flickr Creative Commons

You could always spring for an outdoor fireplace. Admit it: They're pretty awesome.

ARNOLD Masonry and Concrete/Flickr Creative Commons

Get a load of this smooth-as-butter outdoor fireplace, and its matching pool deck.

BJL Aquascapes/

I can't even.

Pedini of Atlanta, LLC/

And now we step away from the natural style to have a look at this custom steel gas fireplace. Do you like it? I like it. While it looks inhospitable for roasting marshmallows, it is certainly an attractive way to include a fire pit on a small urban patio.


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