Fiberglass Entry Doors

Jan 01, 2011
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Strong, secure and energy efficient: These are just some of the fantastic qualities of fiberglass entry doors. Fiberglass entry doors look so similar to wood doors that they are almost impossible to tell apart. Fiberglass doors offer many benefits, one of the best being that they are one of the most durable types of door around. This fact alone makes them one of the most popular choices for homeowners today.

One of the only disadvantages to fiberglass doors is that over time, the texture can get rough — but this can be easily prevented by applying a clear top finish to your door. Most door manufacturers offer options for top finishes or sealants that decrease the chance of damage. Also keep in mind that like everything in your home, fiberglass doors need maintenance, including painting.

There are also other types of fiberglass doors for your home such as fiberglass garage doors. If you are looking for a doorthat provides added security protection and has greater insulating qualities than a wood door, a fiberglass door is right for you. You will be able to retain a traditional theme but perform less maintenance than with wood doors.

Fiberglass Door Benefits

  • Many design choices, including colors options and glass window availability 
  • Looks just like wood but won't warp, scratch, crack, peel or expand like wood doors
  • Not susceptible to sun and UV damage, meaning that a fiberglass door will not fade
  • Can be painted
  • Easy installation
  • Can be custom-designed
  • Available in all door types: patio doors, French doors, garage doors and entry doors
  • Tougher than vinyl doors
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