Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

Jan 01, 2011
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Going green is not just going to a store and buying a bunch of products that have been labeled as "green" or "natural." You need to learn about them and look for the ingredients disclosure; it will tell you exactly what is in the product. Here are some recommendations on what to look for when choosing green cleaners.

  • Not crucial, but select certified Green Seal or Eco¬†products.
  • Products made from citrus, soy, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, borax (sodium borate), lemon juice, tea tree oil, eucalyptus and plant-base surfactants are all renewable resources, they are less toxic to the environment, are biodegradable, contain few if any VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and have low odor.
  • Use HEPA vacuums to reduce airborne particles. Vacuums with filtration systems contain the dust rather that allow it to escape out into the air again.
  • Use paper towels and trash bags made from recycled products.

Do not buy products with: Chlorine, ammonia, monoethanolamine (MEA), glycol ethers, alkylphonol ethoxylates (APEs), phthalates, triclosan, hydrocloric acid, sodium acid sulfate, nitrobenzene, phosphates, additives, ammonium hydroxide, isopropanol, potassium hydroxide, and petroleum-based products.

Green cleaning is much more than just switching out your chemicals. Green cleaning is a system of cleaning that promotes healthy surroundings for us, our houses and buildings, and is also less detrimental to the environment.

Today's green products are less expensive, more effective and less toxic. Using green cleaning products can help safeguard the health and safety of homes' and buildings' occupants and the planet. Conventional cleaning chemicals are linked to the increase in many health problems such as allergies, respiratory ailments, chemical sensitivities, reproductive problems and even cancer. It is your choice. You can use any old method, or you can be like me and use a combination.

Written by Alejandro Abaunza of Nice and Clean Maids Services Inc.
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