Electrical Tip: A Creative Way to Hide Wires

Posted by Dan Gould | Feb 11, 2012
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Image by Maisie Maude Broadhead

Cables and wires are an unfortunate side effect of our technology-soaked lives. From USB connectors to power strips and electrical cords, we're swimming in jumbles of awkward wire piles. An extreme example of this cable-mania can be seen in Google's recently announced project to install thousands of miles of fiber optic cable in Missouri. It will surely take huge teams of Kansas City electricians to deal with all of it.

Most solutions to unsightly cord messes focuses on hiding them out of sight, whether it's under a desk or tucked into a corner. But what if that's not possible?

Artist Maisie Maude Broadhead has come up with one novel way to actually show off wires in her "Cable Drawing" series. Using the electrical cord from a lamp, Broadhead creates intricate architectural details that work with the existing layout of the room.

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