Real Estate Market Trends: It's All in the Details

A Room-by-Room Guide

Posted by Sirena Rubinoff | Nov 05, 2009
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Some real estate agents say that a house's appeal is all in the details. You don't have to do over-the-top renovations to attract a potential buyer's attention. Instead, if you focus on a few real estate market trends, your home should attract a wide variety of buyers looking at homes in your price range. Check out our guide below to see what details are important for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and garage.

Real Estate Market Trends: Kitchens

A modern kitchen is a strong selling point in any home. Buyers are looking for well-lit usable space. To accomplish this, recessed lighting under cabinets and track lighting on the ceiling have become very popular real estate market trends. Ceiling fans with lights are also very practical for the kitchen since one appliance can shed light and circulate the air. Stainless steel can score another point for the seller as stainless steel sinks, refrigerators, and appliances are becoming more and more popular in today's real estate market. Another real estate market trend is beautiful and usable countertops, like granite or limestone. If your kitchen is large enough, an island will attract attention due to its efficiency: It provides an open workspace on top and an out-of-sight storage space inside. Pay attention to your kitchen floors as well. Consider installing a tile kitchen floor. Laminates and ceramic tiles look great, are easy to clean, and last a long time.

The Bathroom: Keep Up with Real Estate Market Trends

All bathrooms should have two things in common: good lighting and clean surfaces. Men and women both require good lighting to shave, put on makeup, and feel confident about their appearance. Make sure that your light fixtures work with the paint color of the walls to give you the most natural-looking skin tone in the mirror. For example, a yellow-tinged light bulb in a blue bathroom could make your skin look slightly green. Avoid this problem by talking to an expert at your local paint store to see what color bulbs and fixtures you should have in your bathroom. Then, make sure that there is plenty of lighting over the vanity, toilet and shower so that the bathroom remains an easy space in which to maneuver. Potential buyers will also enjoy bathroom surfaces and fixtures that resist stains, mold, and watermarks because it means less maintenance and easier cleaning for them in the future. Does your bathroom double as the laundry room? Read about creating a laundry room for home value and curb appeal. Laundry rooms are a hot real estate market trend right now. Lastly, if your bathroom is large enough, double sinks are an extremely popular real estate market trend for the master bathroom that will score major points for anyone selling a home in the future.

Bedroom Details that Keep Up with Real Estate Market Trends

Bedrooms are the most intimate rooms in a house. Potential buyers will want a space that they and their families can feel comfortable in without feeling cluttered by their belongings. Built-in bookshelves and closets are therefore big selling points. Interior lighting inside the closets is trendy on the real estate market right now. Ceiling fans, track lighting, and adjustable lights will all score points for the seller since they are practical and good-looking. Windows and natural lighting are also very important. If a room does not have much natural light, solar tube sky lighting is a great option that may draw buyers' attention. Finally, a private bathroom in the master bedroom will be another major selling point.

Garage Trends and Garage Details Home Buyers Want

Don't overlook the garage in importance for selling a house. A clean, organized, and spacious garage could make or break a potential buyer' decision on your home. Buyers want to know that there will be room to store all of the items that they don't want cluttering up the home. Built-in garage closets are a great place to store luggage and are a popular real estate market trend. Built-in shelves are useful for storing holiday decorations during the off-season. Every family man will enjoy a built-in work bench and a wall with hooks for tools to be hung up. And lastly, automatic garage doors have become a real estate market must in recent years.

All of these tips should give you an idea of what today's buyers are looking for in a new home. Remember to check out your neighborhood first to see what the norm is for your area. Real estate market trends vary by region and neighborhood. This is especially important if you are working on a tight budget. Focus on making home improvements that coincide with the general look and feel of your area. Buyers will not expect a palace in a mid-range neighborhood nor will they be looking for a low-end home that stands out awkwardly in a more expensive area. You are armed with the knowledge of general real estate market trends, now it's your turn to find out which of these specifics are important for where you live. Good luck!

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