Innovative and Fun Solar Panels

Posted by Harriette Halepis | Sep 07, 2009
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Innovative and Fun Solar Panels

Not all solar panels look or function alike. These 6 solar panels are innovative, funky and fashionable. Some of them are even affordable!

Solar Kits by Affordable Solar

Gone are the days when solar panels had to be purchased one-by-one. Today's solar panels can be obtained as entire kits that are easy to set up, adjust, and use. Affordable Solar makes a variety of solar panel kits ranging from basic 175 Watt kits to 10 KW kits. These kits allow all homeowners to create an eco-friendly environment without breaking the bank. If simple solar is what you're after, then Affordable Solar Kits are for you.

Solar Windows

The Queensland University of Technology has been working with the energy company Dyesol in order to effectively mesh innovation with pure style by creating solar windows. While regular windows tend to lose heat due to their basic design, these windows can actually create heat by harnessing the sun. The technology behind these windows is called "artificial photosynthesis." This process allows a special dye (modeled after chlorophyll) to actively generate electricity. The result is a window that serves a very important purpose - to keep homes warm through the use of solar energy. While these sensational solar windows are not available to the public just yet, they are set to hit markets shortly. Photo credit:

Solar Glass by Xsunx

Xsunx (a California-based company) is working on a way to effectively manufacture solar powered glass. By using the electricity generated from the sun, this glass will be able to transform that electricity into heat. This company has also created small transparent strips that act as solar panels. These strips can be easily placed over any kind of transparent material in order to turn an ordinary object (glass, plastic) into a solar powerhouse. When will Solar Glass be available to the public? While there's no specific release date set, inquiring minds can contact Xsunx directly for more information.

Solar Shingles by Kyocera

The main issue with most solar panels is that they are, well, ugly. Let's face it -- large glass objects protruding from a home's rooftop is less than appealing to most homeowners. While most solar panel manufacturers are concerned with design, one company has recognized the need for solar panels that actually enhance the look of a home: Kyocera. By creating the first solar panels that look and act like roof shingles; Kyocera is creating quite a buzz.

Screen Printed Solar Panel by Fraunhofer ISE

Item number 2 in this list (solar windows) talked about glass panels that used a type of dye to create "artificial photosynthesis." Well, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE has taken this concept one step further: screen printed panels. These panels are similar to solar windows, only they include specific designs. For example, let's say that you want to add solar panels to your home that include your initials - this is entirely possible with the dawn of screen printed panels. Once these panels hit the market (soon enough!), every home can easily become eco-friendly and fashionable in one swift move.

Solar Bags by Noon

These solar panels weren't made for your home, but they are solar panels all the same - solar bags are the newest and trendiest way to charge your electronics while you are away from home. These super sleek messengers and shoulder bags include solar panels that capture the sun's rays. Cell phones and iPods that are inside of your bag will instantly soak of the sun's energy, so they'll be ready to use when you want them.

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