Create the Ultimate Jersey Shore Crib

Your house could be worthy of a fist pump if you follow these tips.

Posted by Adam Verwymeren | Oct 21, 2011
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PictureGroup via MTV.comWhile most watch Jersey Shore for the oversized personalities, the house itself is a star as big and garish as Snookie or The Situation. Taking the show overseas this season, the cast found themselves in their Italian motherland. In a style that can only be called "ramshackle opulence," the Jersey Shore's Florentine abode mixes the rustic charms of a Tuscan villa and the regal excess of old Europe.

If you'd like to apply a little Guido chic to your home, follow some of these design tips to create the ultimate Jersey Shore home.

The Bathroom

In their first few minutes exploring their new home, the boys of the show noted with no small measure of excitement that their bathroom featured a bidet, "A f&$%ing thing that cleans your a$%," as Vinny crudely put it. If you'd like to add one of these old-world artifacts to your own home, a new piece of porcelain will run you about $250, or you can get a simple toilet attachment for a mere $35.

While the bidet provided a fun bit of culture shock for cast members, the bathroom's real star is the jacuzzi. The Jersey Shore tub features built-in mood lighting to help prod along the cast's amorous shenanigans. You can spring for your own hot tub equipped with mood lights. While a hot tub is a pretty big ticket purchase, you could always grab an Aqua Tub Glow Light for $20 to add a little mood lighting to your bathing experience. 


The Living Room

To capture the true essence of Italy, the show's designers have tapped into a wide range of eras, form the ancient to the modern. Echoing the stentorian abodes of ancient Rome, the Jersey Shore home features glossy marble floors and furnishings. While a brand new marble floor is probably out of the average person's price range, you can try adding a marble bench to your foyer or backyard garden.

Fast forwarding ahead a couple of millennia, the home also features neoclassical furnishings, including an antique wood couch. To add a little Italian style of your own, try looking for a wood-accented neoclassical couch.

To give the living room a rustic looked, the show's designers gave the room a sort of distressed paint job, the sort you'd see in old European coffee houses or aging Mediterranean villas. You can create this effect in your own home by faux painting.

The Kitchen

The spray-tanned clan spend their time in Italy working at a pizza place, so why not add your very own pizza oven to your home? A wood-fired pizza oven is an expensive purchase, but you can't beat the taste of a true Italian slice plucked straight from the fire.  If you'd like a more budget-minded approach, a simple pizza stone can transform your oven in a primo pie-making machine.

The Bedrooms

Wallpaper, which to the show's designers' credit is coming back into style, is featured prominently in the Jersey Shore home. The designers had a soft spot for stripes this season, and you can clad your walls in a set of alternating hues with a simple visit to your local wallpaper store.

No where is the wallpaper so prominent as in the "smush room." (What's a smush room, you ask? It's where the cast members can get away from the prying eyes of their fellow cast mates, but not the prying eyes of the camera crew.) Featuring a design as garish as the most vamped up Vegas honeymoon suite, the smush room walls are enough to make you blush with shame. If you're looking to replicate this damask-patterned print in your own home, you can do that, too. We don't necessarily endorse it, but you could do it.

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