Cast Iron Pans

Posted by Sirena Rubinoff | Sep 17, 2009
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Have you noticed your cast iron kitchenware taking on rust lately? Are your pans cracked or pitted? Well, before you rush out to replace them with potentially expensive new ironware, we have a few repair tips that could save you money and sentimental cookware. First, make sure the pan is structurally sound and then scrub the surface with steel wool to help remove as much surface rust as possible. Next, soak the pan in a tub two-thirds full of water and one-third full of vinegar for one day to dissolve the remaining rust. Finally, give your newly restored cookware a non-stick finish by coating the pan with lard or bacon grease and repeatedly heating it in an oven. Voila, your ironware shines like new! However, if your pans are severely cracked, pitted, or rusted, you might not be able to properly clean the indents of rust without using caustic chemicals like oven cleaner. These chemicals can soak into the loose pores of the iron and then get into your food later. Your health is more important than salvaging old cookware and if your pans are rusted or cracked beyond easy repair, it's time to let them go.

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