Carriage House-Style Garage Doors

Jan 01, 2011
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carraige house style garage door

Carriage house-style garage doors became popular over a hundered years ago when a carriage house represented affluence and wealth. If you had a horse and buggy of your own - and a place to store them - well, that was a sign of good times for you!

Today, this traditional and classy look has caught on once again. Carriage house-style garage doors are popping up all around the country on all sorts of homes, from contemporary ranches to large luxury-style homes.

The good news is that you do not have to manually open these garage doors as homeowners did the first time they were popular. Most carriage doors are made as sectional doors that automatically lift and close vertically. If you are thinking about adding this elegant garage door design to your home, you'll want to explore the style options available.

Below you will find some basic information and images of some popular carriage house-styled garage doors:


Amarr may have one of the most extensive and beautiful carriage house garage door collections. These garage doors are available in steel, composite and wood and they come in many colors, with window options and other features to choose from. Below are 3 options. Visit to view additional styles.

garage door carraige stylegarage door 2garage door 3

Laforge Doors

With over 30 years in the garage door business,Laforge doors offers some of the nicest carriage house-style garage doors around.

garage doorgarage door

Carriage House Door Company

As the name implies, Carriage House Door Company is the manufacturer of carriage house-style garage doors. View the company's site for images and information on the many styles and materials of carriage house garage doors.

garage doorgarage doorgarage door 3
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