Bed Bugs Factor Into Building Condemnation

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | G+ | Dec 12, 2012

Photo of bed bug bites by snowflakegirl/Flickr Creative CommonsIf anyone doubts the severe repurcussions of bedbug infestations, this story should change their minds. In July of this year, an apartment complex in St. Paul, Minnesota was condemned and evacuated due to neglect and property damage. The apartment complex, known as the Westminster Court apartments, was condemned due to exposed electrical wiring, rot in living areas, doors without locks, rodents, and a bed bug infestation. The owners of the buildings failed to get help from St. Paul/Minneapolis exterminators before the buildings were deemed uninhabitable, foreclosed, and condemned. Local landlords hopefully took note, and will see the ill effects of ignoring building maintenance, and will do better to keep their properties up to code.

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