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Posted by Chaya Kurtz | G+ | Jan 30, 2013
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20 Ways to Soothe Yourself With Aloe Vera: From after-sun care to soothing insect bites, aloe vera is an indispensable substance to keep around the house.

The Top Three Things to Look For in a General Contractor: A remodeling contractor with plenty of experience working with general contractors discusses how to find a quality, fair, and honest general contractor.

Affordable Elegance: Bathroom Design Ideas: An interior designer shares ideas and photos for expensive-looking bathroom decor that is actually pretty cheap.


How and Why to Pull Permits: If you read one article on Networx.com in your lifetime, let it be this one. It will save you hassles that you cannot even imagine. Failing to pull permits for even DIY building work on your house can cost you more time and money than you could fathom.


How to Determine the Price of Tile Installation: Learn how to estimate the amount it will cost you to buy all of the supplies for any kind of tile installation project.

Pricing Concrete and Concrete Finishing: Concrete is a famously cost-efficient building material. However, stains and finishing can add to the cost. Learn how to estimate that cost.

Which Type of Tile?: Ceramic, stone, and porcelain tile all have their appropriate applications. This article compares and contrasts types of tile for various applications. 

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