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How to fix frozen plumbing pipes, a guide to contractor jargon, and good info about garage doors.

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | G+ | Feb 04, 2013
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A Guide to Heirloom Seed Catalogs: An organic farmer discusses the best of heirloom seed catalogs.

10 Uses for Plastic Pill Bottles: Save your plastic pill bottles, since they have at least ten possible uses.

Modern Grandfather and Cuckoo Clocks: An interior designer picks super cool grandfather and cuckoo clocks for the contemporary pad.

Solutions for Burst Pipes: A home improvement expert writes about this common winter uh-oh.

A Guide to Contractor Jargon: You will understand everything your contractor says (we hope) if you read this article, which is written by a remodeling contractor.


Comparing Types of Water Heaters: Learn about the drawbacks and advantages of various types of water heaters.


Differentiate Between Composite Wood Types: What's the difference between MDF and plywood? Find out.

Garage Door Tax Credits: There were credits for installing a new garage door in 2010. There still might be.

How Do You Heat Your Water? Learn how to choose a new water heater.

An Introduction to Barn Style Garage Doors: A discussion of our favorite style of garage door.

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