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Posted by Chaya Kurtz | G+ | Jan 28, 2013
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9 Uses for Old Jeans: Ideas for making an iPhone sleeve, a coffee cozy, a heat pack, a desk organizer and more from a pair of worn out jeans.

We Tested It: Black Tea Glass Cleaner: A green lifestyle blogger tested cleaning her windows with black tea; it worked. Learn how to clean glass surfaces with black tea.

Locking Out the Mystique of the Liquor Cabinet: The liquor cabinet can be a tempting part of the house for teenagers. This article lists strategies for making the liquor cabinet less enticing.


How to Protect Your Home from Mudslides: This article is an overview of how to landscape and how to build permanent structures that are landslide-resistant.

Choosing a Washing Machine: Top-Loading vs. Front-Loading: This article is the most clicked-on article in Networx history!

The Nuances of Automatic Security Lights: Networx helps you to figure out which kind of automatic security lights are right for your house.


Know Your Pipes: This article is a basic outline of the types of pipes and pipe systems that exist behind the walls of your house. 

Choosing the Right Grout: Grout matters, but is often ignored. Learn how to choose the right grout for your next tile project.

Find Environmentally Friendly Wood: A guide to sustainable wood choices, from FSC-certified wood, to reclaimed lumber, to planks made of grass.

A Look at Various Home Automation Systems: Explore the pros and cons of brand name home automation systems.

The Difference Between Amps and Volts: How amps and volts work, in layman's terms.

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