Tubular Skylights

Jan 01, 2011
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Bath skylight

Tubular skylight in a bathroom

One of the most popular skylights is the tubular skylight, also known as tubular daylighting devices (TDD). These are popular not only because of their increased energy savings benefits (compared to other skylights), but because they are easy to have installed and do not cost as much as traditional, larger skylights. Tubular skylights look like recessed lighting.

Skylight drawing

Learn more about tubular skylights here.

Benefits of Tubular Skylights

Besides looking just like an electrical fixture, tubular skylights have numerous other advantages: They can distribute light more evenly throughout a given room, eliminating strong and direct sunlight; the skylight occupies minimal space, thereby requiring minimal alterations to your building and reducing heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter; tubular skylights are burglar proof; plus, tubular skylights can have integrated electrical lights, allowing them to illuminate a room at night.

Some Other Considerations:

  • Skylights come in many shapes, styles and designs. Make sure you take the time to consult with a skylight professional to help you in the decision-making process.
  • Make sure your skylight has UV ray protection. UV ray protection ensures that your furnishings and carpet won’t get damaged or discolored.
  • Make sure that your skylight comes with a good level of insulation.When your skylight is installed, make sure your installer seals your skylight properly and waterproofs it adequately.

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