How to Eliminate Spiders

Jan 01, 2011
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Spiders invoke fear in many people, especially when they are found in the house. While almost all of the spiders found in US households are harmless, every now and then, a news story highlights a rare or freak situation involving a spider. But the truth is that these little creepy crawlers are actually helpful in that they eat other bugs around your home. Because of this fact, it's actually better not to get rid of every spider you see wandering around your home. Rather, the ideal situation is to prevent spider infestation mainly by cleaning and organizing your home so that it's less spider-friendly. If you live in California, Florida or Arizona, then you may want to consider having an exterminator come out and spray to prevent some of the more dangerous spiders sometimes found in these states.

Spiders like to come into homes for several reasons, but mostly because the inside of a home provides a warm area that spiders love. A spider's favorite places to hide are usuallyin dark and dry spots, though sometimes they like damp areas, too. This is why spiders are often found in basements, in cardboard boxes, under sinks and in and around drains. Spiders also like rotting materials, so it's important to keep your basement clean of mold or anyrotting wood, as this is an open invitation for spiders to come and lay eggs.

Tips for Preventing Spiders

1. The number one tip for preventing spiders is keeping your home clutter-free. It's almost impossible for most homeowners to keep a clutter-free home, but at the very least, clothes should not be kept on the floor, as this creates a good hiding spot for spiders,especially the somewhat uncommon brown recluse spider, whose bites can turn into a serious skin infection.

2. Tying number one for the most important way to prevent spiders is keeping your home as dust-free as possible, with special concentration on dusting corners and ceilings for spiderwebs. Use dusters with long, extended arms to get into the hard-to-reach places so that you can properly remove spiderwebs. Make sure to sweep well underneath beds and behind furniture, as these are other spots where spiders make their webs.

3. Get rid of cardboard boxes since spiders love them. Replace cardboard boxes with plastic storage bins. In the long run you'll be doing yourself a favor, as your goods will be protected from water damage and most plastic bins last a lifetime.

4. Repair windows and screens and seal cracks and holes around the house on the inside and on the exterior.

5. Get a cat! Got a serious spider problem and looking to bring home a pet? Consider a cat, as they are known for eating spiders. It could help!

6. Place some peppermint or spearmint leaves in window sills. Spiders stay away from them.

7. Mix some tea tree oil with a bit of water in a spray bottle and spray onto vents and window sills. Spiders will usually stay away from tea tree oil.

8. Consider a yearly extermination of your home. It will help control spider infestations from ever starting.

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