EcoBuilt Garage Doors by Overhead Door

Jan 01, 2011
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Overhead door, one of the largest custom garage door manufacturers, has a special line of garage doors known as the EcoBuilt line. The garage doors in this product line are made from about 88% or more recycled material, making the doors SCS certified (scientificcertification systems). The garage doors are made from a combination of 81% Douglas fir wood parts and wax to form a strong, crack- and split-resistant garage door. The doors look, feel and sound like wood, which is no coincidence since they are made from a recycled wood product. The garage doors are also specially formulated to resist moisture and come prepped for painting. An additional perk is a 5-10 year warranty; the length varies depending on the door you purchase. There are several styles and colors available in the EcoBuilt line with many additional options, from windows to decorative hardware. These doors also cost less than most wood garage doors — another added benefit.

At a time when helping the environment is so important, why not consider one of these garage doors the next time you need a new one? It's a help for the environment and will add to the beauty of your home, naturally!

Remember: No matter what garage door your choose, make sure to have a professional garage door contractor install it.

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