8 Great Wall Mounted Bottle Openers

Posted by Adam Verwymeren | Oct 17, 2011
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The StarrYou've got ice cold brews at the ready and friends coming over, but you can't find a bottle opener to save your life. It's a situation we've all been in, resulting in a frantic search through junk drawers looking for a tool to crack a cold one. Maybe it's time to get a backup plan; an opener that will never go missing and always be right where you need it. Wall-mounted bottle openers are a sturdy and reliable way to ensure that you're never more than a flip of the wrist away from a refreshing sip.


1. Tablecraft Coca-Cola Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener: There's nothing quite as iconic, or tempting, as the curvaceous silhouette of the classic Coke bottle. If you'd like an opener as classy as the bottle itself, pick up a branded Coca-Cola wall-mounted bottle opener.


2. Puck Bottle Opener (Private Label): For the English major with a thirst for the suds there's the Puck bottle opener. This cast-resin opener features the face of Shakespeare's most famous mischief maker, who will keep the beer flowing so that you can create some mischief of your own.


3. Skull and Ivy Bottle Opener by Veronese: Just in time for Halloween, there's the Skull and Ivy opener. This grisly tool would make a perfect gift for the beer swilling goth in your life. For an extra dose of spookiness, you can make it a pair with the iron gargoyle opener.


4. DCI Bottle Bunny Bottle Opener: If you'd rather not rely on an opener that'll give you nightmares, check out the Bottle Bunny, an adorable way to pop the top on your favorite soda.


5. Suck UK Magnetic Bottle Opener: While a wall-mounted unit is certainly convenient, you're most likely to be plucking your icy brews from the fridge, so why not mount an opener there. The Suck UK bottle opener features super-strong magnets that allow you to slap this bad boy up on any magnetic surface (sorry, stainless steel fridge owners, you're out of luck). For tailgaters, you can stick this opener on the outside of a cooler, and then stick a metal plate on the inside wall, sandwiching it in place without damaging your ice box.


6. Clink N Drink Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher: If you'd like the best of both worlds, the Clink N Drink bottle opener features both a magnetic back and holes that allow you to mount the opener on the wall. The magnetized lower surface of the opener serves to catch your caps as you crack them off.


7. Thunder Group Wall Mount Bottle Opener: If you're looking for a minimalist design, this classic bottle opener is made for professional bartenders, and would like fine in a kitchen of any design style.


8. Starr "X" Wall Mounted Bottle Opener: Another minimalist classic, this basic stainless steel bottle opener is equally suited to a West Texas bar and an urban loft.   


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