Posted by Noah Garfinkel | Jun 21, 2012

7 Weird Home Decor Items You Can Buy

Some people, though, want some really insane furniture that is campy or just flat out creepy.

Most of us just want pretty regular stuff in our homes. Sure, you'll find a couch that "suits you" or you'll buy a "funky" desk with some "personality" or you'll find a local electrician to wire that custom neon fish tank wall. But, it's still pretty much just basic furnishings. Some people, though, want some really insane furnishings that are campy or just flat out creepy. They want backyard ice rinks in Los Angeles and murals of the Italian Riviera in Baltimore created by local painters. What follows are seven examples of exactly those kind of furnishings.

The Elliptical Bike Desk Chair via

Elliptical Machine Office Desk

This looks like a Star Trek themed desk chair, but it's not. It's a desk chair that is also an elliptical bike. And, it is the only kind of desk chair that is more embarrassing to have in your home than an actual Star Trek chair. You can buy this from Hammacher Schlemmer, but I strongly urge you not to.

The Darth Vader CD Player via

Darth Vader CD Player

Moving from Star Trek to Star Wars, here is a Darth Vader CD player. Nothing suggests high audio quality like the disembodied head of a movie villain with a famously distorted voice. Obviously, you can also buy this from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Poltrona Frau Transparent Couch via

Transparent Couch

I can't put my finger on exactly why, but this couch is terrifying to me. It looks like a torture device from the movie, The Cell. It is made by furniture company Poltrona Frau who I assume is Ethan Allen's evil twin.

Sauna in a Cupboard via

Sauna In A Cupboard

You know... so you can travel with your sauna. What? Just go to the gym. Or Jean Claude Van Damme's house. I have no idea why I know Jean Claude Van Damme has a sauna in his house, but I'm positive I've heard that somewhere. This was made by designer Anna van der Lei who has said that having a bathroom inside the house is "too restrictive". Oh, Anna.

3 Headed Sheep Chair via

Sheep Chair

 Sooooooooo.... I guess this is supposed to be a conversation piece? And the beginning of that conversation is probably, "Let's get the &$^% away from this chair." I'm not sure where exactly you can purchase this, but that's probably for the best.

The Grenade Dresser by Los Carpinteros via

Grenade Dresser

 This is a design by a group of Cuban artists called Los Carpinteros. This one is actually legitimately interesting. Good job, Los Carpinteros. You should have a word with the sheep chair inventor, and teach him a few things.

Hand shelf via

Shelf Made of Hands

 No thanks! I'd rather not have my iPod shelf suggest that there is the remainder of a frozen man standing on the other side of my wall. But, Sky Mall is completely all right with that, and you can purchase this on an airplane.

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