12 Household Objects with Design Potential

Save yourself a trip to the store. You might have what you need at home.

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | G+ | Sep 14, 2011
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Darin House/FlickrSometimes, the best place to go hunting for fresh design ideas is in our own home. So, before you jump in the car and head off to a home store or craft store, take a look in your cupboards and drawers. You might be surprised what you find!

 1. Mismatched glasses make great candleholders or vases. Wrap twine or string around the glass and tie off for a little extra touch. Basic glue or Mod Podge can be applied to hold it all in place. Similarly, you can “decoupage” the glass on the outside with odd bits of telephone book, wrapping paper or even old maps.

2. Turn old, clean, linens and cloth dishtowels into cute “Shabby Chic” pillow covers, fabric coasters or sachets filled with lavender.

3. Create a one-of-a-kind wall art installation with old, possibly broken, musical instruments that may be lying around in the basement or attic. Violins, brass instruments or wind instruments can also be used as book ends, or add visual appeal on bookshelves or small niches that need to be filled.

4. Forks and spoons can be turned into door or drawer pulls, or mounted on a memo board as paper holders.

5. Create a pot rack or towel rod with copper plumbing pipes. Can be re-polished to a shiny copper color or allowed to develop a natural patina.

6. Painter’s drop cloths make great material for window treatments or for actual upholstery. Put any clean, leftover cloths to use for little to no money.

7. Cut up old blankets, fleece throws and even old flannel shirts and re-sew together to make a crazy quilt with a story to tell.

8. Odd bits of orphaned costume jewelry can be repurposed into sparkly refrigerator magnets for pennies. Just Super Glue magnets onto the back and let dry.

9. Mason jars are great for large glasses of lemonade or iced tea – just add a straw. They can also be used as vases and candleholders. Their relatively large size makes them stable enough to be used outdoors as well as inside.

10. Old-timey suitcases from the days when they were carried and not pulled can be stacked up for a vintage-chic side table or coffee table. Fasten together for better stability.

11. Store office and craft supplies in baskets left over from gifts or flower arrangements. Even if they are mismatched, they are pretty to look at and can be sized appropriately for what you need to store.

12. Make a sparkly, modern chandelier using clear plastic 8 ounce Solo cups and a 100-light string of white lights.  The sparkle ball should take approximately 100 cups. Get detailed instructions on Sparkleball.com.

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